Our Inclusion Vision

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MBUSD's District-wide Inclusion Efforts

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Click on the links below to learn about programs that are currently in place at the following:

(Note:  behind each of these a back page will reside with a list of the programs that are woven through the teaching curriculum,  as well as efforts to foster empathy and compassion among students, etc If a specific policy regarding bullying and reporting negative behaviors exists, a policy section might be considered as well.)

Our Inclusion Standards/Expectations

Along with many community stakeholders, MBUSD has created district-wide inclusion expectations for our staff, students, and parent community. We have made these expectations available as a downloadable pdf in the hope that you will print and discuss these standards as a family. Know that these expectations will be reinforced in numerous ways at all of our MBUSD schools, as well as by our Community Inclusion Partners.  

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For support in achieving these expectations, we have included resources at the bottom of this page that offer tools and activities to help us foster empathy and compassion in our youth, critical character qualities for personal success, as well as to create an environment in which all youth can thrive and reach their full potential.

Our Community Inclusion Partners

Click on the link below for a complete list of other organizations who have partnered with us in our inclusion commitment.

(Note: the link above will connect the viewer with a list of partners, like the BCHD, MB Library, MBEF, MBCC, SBFC, etc.)

Resources to Help Support Our Commitment to Inclusion 

Recommended videos

Students share their thoughts on empathy and compassion (a video produced in partnership with MBUSD)

Anna Pirkl, MFT, ATR, LAADAC shares expert advice to help us foster kindness and compassion in our kids. 


Related Resources


Featured Parent Blog

Read this insitghtful blog from Manhattan Beach City prosecutor, Joan Stein Jenkins, Esq.


Featured Teen Blog

Read this two-part blog by MCHS senior Jilian Reed, committed to Cal Tech, on her experience with bullying.


The SBFC Empathy and Compassion E-newsletter

South Bay Families Connected produces a monthly youth wellness e-newsletter for parents. We encourage to read there 2017 empathy and compassion edition and to sign-up to receive this informative publication that includes parent and youth education event invitations and coverage of timely youth wellness topics.

Coming this fall -- Share your Story!

Starting in Fall 2018, we will be gathering students' stories of kindness and inclusion. Students are encouraged to share ways in which they received kindness and empathy from someone at their school or community, as well as ways in which they were inspired to help someone else.

(note: that wording is just a placeholder. You guys will decide the focus of the shared stories. We will then create an easy to use submission form with instructions)