From MBUSD Superintendent Dr. Mike Matthews

As featured in the 10/19/16 MBUSD Parents E-newsletter:


"When I was a high school principal, I wrote to parents many times about dealing with issues of drugs and alcohol and keeping our children safe.   I made it through high school as a parent once with my 24-year-old son (who is a success, but there were certainly some challenging times!), and I am getting ready to do it again with my 12-year-old.  It takes a lot of listening, a lot of knowing where and with whom they are, a lot of clear communication and expectations, and a lot of love and care.
I appreciate the efforts that the Mira Costa PTSA members have made.  They have created MCHS Families Connected website, which will be a great resource for teen wellness and substance abuse prevention.  I love the name, because it intends to bring parents together – and that’s what it takes to raise our children successfully."


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