Hello from Sandi Gleason, PTSA President


Welcome to the newly created MCHS Families Connected – a community dedicated to keeping our teens safe and healthy regarding alcohol and drug use. Our goal as a community is to help educate all families, regardless of personal beliefs on underage alcohol and drug consumption.

Those who believe the legal drinking age is too old are invited to read recent research about the impact drugs and alcohol can have on an adolescent’s developing brain, as well as consider the perspective of families struggling to help their teens wait until adulthood.

Those who want their teens to follow the law but are being challenged by their adolescents are invited to learn new strategies and connect with other like-minded parents to share ideas.

And finally, even those whose teens have not shown an interest in drugs and alcohol can become more prepared to discuss responsible consumption after high school and at the legal age of 21 when teens’ exposure to alcohol and drugs will likely increase.

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As our first step, we want to hear from you! Please take the time to complete the survey below and share your thoughts and concerns as a parent in the South Bay.  The first 200 respondents will receive a $10 gift card to Pages Bookstore in Manhattan Beach!