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Drug guide: the science behind what each drug does to your brain and body

As a young person you are faced with many challenges.  However, very few have the potential to affect your life in a more significant way than the decisions you make about alcohol and drugs. (NCADD)


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How do drugs and alcohol affect your life? (NCADD)

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Arts Expression Shows led by local teens; music, poetry, dance, improv, photography, film and fun. Leadership & Service-Learning Groups. Our mission is to give youth the opportunity to find their passions and purpose in life, thereby reducing risky lifestyles.


Manhattan Beach Teen Center

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Only 8% of teens still smoke. Finishing the job will come down to you. Be creative. Enlist friends. Spread truth. 

Stay original. Be yourself. Live above the influence. Be sure to check out their YouTube channel!



As a teen, what inspires you to try to #PassOnIt when around drugs and alcohol? Want to win a $100 Pages Bookstore gift card? Click below for details about our Teen Blog Contest!

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