A Message to parents and caregivers:


The Mira Costa High School (MCHS) PTA is sponsoring the implementation of the Pass On It project at MCHS. Pass On It offers students an opportunity to engage in the real facts about vaping, and encourages them to find their own personal and evidence-based reasons to say, “I’ll pass” when it comes to vaping. MCHS has been a South Bay Families Connected Partner School since 2015, and Pass On It is a sister project of South Bay Families Connected.

Please review the links on this page. If you find the information helpful, encourage your students to participate by sharing this page with them and asking them to research the facts and submit their top three reasons to avoid vaping during the high school years. All entrants will receive _________________,

This is open and free to everyone, including those who my have already experimented with, or are currently use a vaping device. Rather than a pledge, it’s an opportunity to engage in the real facts about vaping and nicotine, and to consider reasons either to quite in the future, or avoid initiating use.

Instructions for MCHS Students:

1) Research the facts about vaping

Click on the button below to access national resources and the real facts about vaping provided on the Families Connected website. Note: the MCHS Families Connected website will remain open in your browser so you can toggle back to steps 2 and 3.

2) Share your reasons to say, “I’ll pass” when it comes to vaping

Please click on the link below to submit three reasons why you would want to avoid or reduce vaping use in the future. Two reasons must be fact-based using the information you have read in the prior section. For the final reason, please include something that is personal to you and your goals or interests. Each of your three reasons only need be 1-3 sentences long. Only use your MCHS email.

If you would like to share why you think avoiding vaping might be hard for you, please feel free to include that as well. Thank you for sharing your voice in the Pass On It project. It might seem at times like "EVERYONE is vaping", but the truth is, teens throughout the South Bay have shared with the Pass On It project many reasons for choosing not to succumb to vape culture, peer pressure, or advertising manipulation.

3) We’re here to support you

The focus of this page is vaping, but the truth is that delaying substance use of any kind — nicotine, marijuana, alcohol, drugs — gives you the best opportunity to have optimal brain functioning and to avoid negative unintended consequences of use.

If you’re still skeptical that vaping chemicals, nicotine or cannabis could cause you harm or a dependency, consider this: your teen years are the time to maximize your capacity to navigate complex situations and build brainpower. Why minimize the intellectual and social stimulation to which your brain is perfectly tuned?

We understand that there could be many answers to the question posed above. The teen years are incredibly tumultuous and often confusing. A high percentage of teens experience anxiety, stress, excessive pressure to perform, difficulties with learning and focus, and grief. Watch the video shown here where MCHS and RBUSD students share what stresses them out. If you are feeling stressed, know you are not alone.

Click on the link below to access videos, apps, and mindfulness resources to help you manage and cope with stress in healthy ways (the link will take you to the Families Connected website).

If you are experiencing any overwhelming emotions or frustrations, know that you are absolutely not alone. We urge you to reach out to your school counselor or an adult you trust, and to share your experience with your parent/caregiver. There are amazing people and resources in our South Bay community to help you. It will get better.